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Digital cultural heritage and the gamification of the past

“Digital cultural heritage,” a field with a wide variety of definitions, has benefited greatly from the use of several emerging technologies to increase accessibility to cultures and historical content for a larger audience. As an example, Virtual Reality allows for users to simulate an embodied experience in geographic and temporal locales that would otherwise be […]

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Blender in Cultural Heritage

Blender’s versatility as a free, open-source computer graphics program makes it popular with diverse audiences, from professional CG artists to gamers enthusiastic to build their own assets. While these communities have created a wealth of online material for self-teaching, they rarely touch on Blender’s potential for humanities projects, leaving humanists to fill in the gaps […]

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Augmented Reality

Emily Allen & Hannah Geerlings Musicologists/Digital Cultural Heritage Interns This 50-minute session addresses HP Reveal, a free AR app for mobile devices. We have used this app for a local music venue called the Bradfordville Blues Club and wish to discuss the following: Introduction to Augmented Reality & Sound Overview of how we’ve used augmented […]

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