What’s Up With Archival Digitization?

This 30 minute session will work as an open forum to discuss general knowledge and experience surrounding digitization projects. The session will also be interested in exploring issues faced by digitization projects. As an undergraduate who is new to the digital humanities and currently working on a digitizing project, I am interested in learning more through opening a dialogue about methodologies, workflow, personal experiences, and issues you’ve come across when working with digitization projects.


Key Questions:

What is your own baseline level of copyright knowledge? How can the correct use and implantation of copyright law be achieved/ maintained?


What are some successful ways that you or your institution has undergone digitization efforts, what problems have you run into within various digitization projects?


Should the digitization of obsolete formats be made available to stream or should it be digitized to another tangible format, ensuring that they will always exist physically? Should it be both?


What does your institution prioritize, more efforts towards learning and curating new technology or focus on preserving the past? How does this selection process work in your institution? How are these decisions made?