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Proposals for unconference sessions from THATCamp participants.

Digital cultural heritage and the gamification of the past

“Digital cultural heritage,” a field with a wide variety of definitions, has benefited greatly from the use of several emerging technologies to increase accessibility to cultures and historical content for a larger audience. As an example, Virtual Reality allows for users to simulate an embodied experience in geographic and temporal locales that would otherwise be […]

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Blender in Cultural Heritage

Blender’s versatility as a free, open-source computer graphics program makes it popular with diverse audiences, from professional CG artists to gamers enthusiastic to build their own assets. While these communities have created a wealth of online material for self-teaching, they rarely touch on Blender’s potential for humanities projects, leaving humanists to fill in the gaps […]

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What’s Up With Archival Digitization?

This 30 minute session will work as an open forum to discuss general knowledge and experience surrounding digitization projects. The session will also be interested in exploring issues faced by digitization projects. As an undergraduate who is new to the digital humanities and currently working on a digitizing project, I am interested in learning more […]

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Augmented Reality

Emily Allen & Hannah Geerlings Musicologists/Digital Cultural Heritage Interns This 50-minute session addresses HP Reveal, a free AR app for mobile devices. We have used this app for a local music venue called the Bradfordville Blues Club and wish to discuss the following: Introduction to Augmented Reality & Sound Overview of how we’ve used augmented […]

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